Computer Science class at Green River Community College

Posted On January 19, 2010

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First of all, i am an international student from Indonesia. Currently i am on my second quarter of studying at Green River Community College. My major is computer science, and in this winter quarter i am taking CS&141 as one of my class. There are 4 programming class that can be taken here, C++ 1, c++ 2, Java 1, and Java 2.  It is really really that only 4 programming classes are here. But the good thing is I can transfer to the university faster.

Java I class (called CS&141 at GRCC) is a prerequisite class to take Java II. You will need to finish math&142 before applying to this class. In three weeks of school, we learned really basic stuff like print,looping, static method. I think the class is progressing too slow, but it can’t be helped. Most of the students in class are engineering major who have not done any programming before. The interesting part of this class is the intuitive homework, which is taken from University Of Washington (Ranked 5 on Computer Science in the US) I did some programming before, but the homework is still quite challenging. Maybe that is why people consider this class hard. Oh yeah, the Java I teacher is also really helpful and kind, Ms. Janet Ash. She is a middle aged woman, who is really smart. She also teaches many kind of subjects such as engineering, and chemistry. My friend has taken her class before, and he liked it. Maybe she and my math teacher are the coolest teacher in my experiences.

So, do not hesitate to take CS&141. It is a fun class with challenging assignment and Ms. Janet is really cool.  Just make sure that you are willing to spend more time on studying if you have not learn any programming before. At first, learning this kind of stuff does not make any sense, but when you get to understand at least 1 programming language, learning another will not be  a pain. Trust me!


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